Our Production

As a 100 per cent family-owned, A.Kudrešovo company has located its headquarters and production in one site in Kaunas, Lithuania. The company operates its production in accordance with the highest European standards. We place extremely high demands on the level of quality in our workplace. The majority of our raw materials are bought from specialist businesses in Europe.



% family-owned

More Than

staff members

More Than

  % under our brand

Up To

weeks lead term
All product development and accurate quality control takes place here, in Kaunas, where everything is done by ourselves from design, material sourcing to production. Therefore, we can ensure fast and smooth delivery process to our clients, excluding custom formalities and this way saving time and expenses. Before the dispatch of the order, each product undergoes accurate and strict quality inspection. This way we can assure that our customers receive their purchase of highest and impeccable quality.

A.Kudrešovo firma aims to ensure that appropriate environmental, health and safety protection is an integral part of the manufacturing process. We aim for sustainable manufacturing which includes:

seeking innovative technologies and cost effective ways to further improve our
manufacturing processes

working in a way that spares as many resources as possible
dedication to protecting the health and safety of our employees and others
implementing strategies to increase energy efficiency
maintaining a work environment where individuals are treated with dignity, honesty and respect
Today our team comprises of 150 talented, skillful and dedicated staff members, who are a great asset to our company. Creating a high quality product takes time, passion and devotion. Dedication of our skillful employees enables us to reach the highest quality standards and trust of our customers.

About 20 per cent of our products are delivered to the market under the company's own brand - Kudreshov underwear. However, we produce a lot of lingerie under the client's brand as well.

Our lead term is up to 8 weeks.