Our Philosophy

Passion for Beauty, Comfort and Style

For ages, a woman's nature has embedded desire for beauty, style and fashion. We have dedicated our efforts to inspiring women to look and feel great. In the world which is always rushing, renovating and constantly changing, our business idea supports this vision by offering  what is the best – functional, comfortable and high quality products combining competitive pricing and  excellent  service. It is our focus and we will continuously aim of a long-term value creation for our present and future customers. That is what Kudreshov lingerie is about.

Over the years, we have remained true to our core values and have created a company that employees and customers are proud to associate with.

Our vision

During the past decades, A.Kudrešovo firma has become one of the leading manufacturer's in the Baltics. Our vision is to become/remain a constantly growing, profitable and reliable partner for existing and potential customers, keep creating and developing products that would enable more and more women to look and feel great, despite of the age or taste, from the most petite to the fullest figure.

Our main goal

Our main goal is to create lingerie that exceeds the expectations and enhances life of every woman wearing it. Customer satisfaction is our major evaluation criteria. We have always done our best to accomplish this goal. As a result, today we are happy to experience the increasing demand of our products within German, French, Belgian, Scandinavian, UK, USA etc. markets.

Our Values

The main values that guide our activities are:

Respect - for our clients, each other and environment.
Responsibility for our actions-always keeping our promises and fulfilling our obligations.
Openness and flexibility to innovation - improvement, inventiveness, creativity.
Commitment to Environment and sustainability.
Professional attitude, love and dedication to production of highest quality products.